Wow….. I cant believe I did this… Create a blog I mean, I have always wanted to do it but I’ve been so scared and nervous about what it would be like or what I would write, and that’s why I named this post “A new beginning” because I know that’s so many other people are like me that want to chase their dreams and they’re scared to do so, because they are thinking that they will fail or they just have no idea what it will be like, just like me. So I’m writing this blog to share my journey with you, my life and to encourage you that you can chase your dreams and not to be scared to do so no matter how scary it may seem step out on faith and pursue that dream that truly makes you happy. So, here is a little about me I’m 24, married and a new military spouse, that is just figuring out life as I go and taking you on the journey with me.

People are so scared nowadays to  their authentic  self so……..Welcome to my unfiltered life!!!!!! Where I will talk about faith, love and being fabulous and Thrifty at the same time, also just real people like you and me encouraging each other through this thing called life.AirBrush_20171115230301.jpg