WESTPOINT BRANCH NIGHT! Slow down cause it will go by so fast!

Don’t get me wrong I love my new life and everything it has to offer but just some words of encouragement I wish I had heard, as i sit at home seeing all of yall branch night post I can’t help but remember when I was where you are now, so excited about my then boyfriend  future in the army, like so many other spouses were in this very same situation if not a year then just a few years ago and just the advice that I wish somebody had told me back then was just to slow down enjoy the rest of the journey that you have at West Point it’s not the best situation to be in while you’re in a committed relationship but you’ll miss those days I promise you! crazy to think about isn’t it that you will miss your hubby being at West Point ? But the real army goes so fast and yet so slow all at the same time lol you will understand what I mean soon but in no time you’ll blink and you will be married, have packed up your whole life, moved away from your family and friends and be in a new state starting a whole new life with nobody that you know or just a few spouse you knew or met in passing while hubby was at westpoint, and everything will feel so overwhelming you may even cry at the at the beginning of it all.  I say all this not to scare you but to encourage you to slow down, enjoy the small things, see every part of New York City that your heart desire, enjoy those late-night conversations that you get to have with your partner, live in the now and soak it all in, I know you may just be thinking God! I don’t want to hear this! I just want to be done with West Point, but I promise you when it’s over! you’ll miss the small things that you took for granted, I know I do.

P.S The Tales of an army wife who knows!

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